13th Újbuda Jazz Festival

GNU (Porteleki–Ajtai–Kapusi), Landing Venus

An outrageous power trió, that fills you with power and deconstructs all your ears are used to, and a multi-level language music that quotes differents styles and times to make you jump by them into a new dimension.

GNU (Porteleki–Ajtai–Kapusi)

The trio of the three young musicians belong to the group of so called power trios. A power trio originally play rock music and include guitar, bass and drums, excluding second guitar and keyboards which would add the harmony to the music with chords. Throughout the years this has changed a lot. Nirvana, Primus, Cream are for example all power trios, but jazz, experimental or noise musicians such as the Painkiller, The Thing!, Morphine or Fushitsusha began to play in power trio formations as well. The common denominator is that they all have three members who fill in the musical atmosphere with great intensity and dynamism while they play, so that the listener won’t lack anything.

Ajtai Péter: double bass
Kapusi Viktor: sax
Porteleki Áron: drums

Landing Venus

Landing Venus is a fresh band from Budapest rooted in abrasive, no wave-inspired experimentation. Mixing elements of concretism, avant-garde jazz and psychedelic rock, they emphasize musical texture over melody and deconstruct simple themes through collective improvisation. The two singers combine extended vocal techniques with more traditional styles of singing with a lyrical tendency addressing alienation. The instrumentation includes effects-laden prepared guitars, polychromatic basslines and autodestruct drumming with a pinch of full on noise freak out for good measure.

Band members
Kisgyörgy Ilka: vocal
Horváth Hannah: vocal
Vajsz Kornél: guitar
Takács Rajmund: bass
Kovács Gergely: drums

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