Apey & the Pea 'HEX' album-release, Stubborn

Despite Apey & the Pea are wellknown for their heavy metal sound they bring a very fresh new context between the boundaries of American folk/country music and grunge known from the heart of Europe. They'll be supported by an excellent young band the Stubborn.


Apey & the Pea

The band formed in late 2009, right after the breakup of the original mother band ("Remembering the Steel" Pantera Tribute) where the three of the founding members met. The idea to form and to create this band came from front man Andras Aron "Apey".

-The band's first debut 'Better' was published on June 26th of 2010
-14th of March 2011 the band released "The Day Ends" EP with 5 heavy tracks recorded by Gabor Banhazi at R33 STUDIO.
-After touring the band's last show was an opening for Keith Caputo in Budapest 2011.

-26th of July 2012, after a year of silence the band reunited at R33, a short summer festival tour and the band soon began working on their first full length album with the same method at R33 studio.
-The band released a music video for the track 'JUDAS'
-'DEVIL'S NECTAR' was officially released on 13th of June, 2013.
-'HASHMAN TOUR' 2013 September-December
- 2013 October: KETTŐNÉGY Album of the Year Won
-2013 November: 'NAZARETH' VIDEO SHOOT
-2014 January: End of a long tour, writing and recording second album titled "Hellish".

Line up:
ARON ANDRAS - guitar, vocal


STUBBORN was formed in May, 2008 in Kerekegyháza, Hungary, a small rural town an hour from Budapest. The band consisting of primary and high school best friends spent their first years rehearsing and perfecting themselves on their instruments so they could best give their heartfelt and aggressive blend of chaotic hardcore back to the audience.

Playing a bunch of small shows and fests throughout Hungary, their energetic live shows brought them a little recognition by 2011, when they released their first EP “The Infinity Has Just Begun”, which was followed by two more EPs in 2012. “Grab The Key” saw the light of day in March 2012, while the two-song “6041” EP, featuring the band’s friend, Barnabas Kokai from The Southern Oracle on guest vocals came out early fall, 2012. “6041” showed an improved sound to STUBBORN’s chaos and their live performance got even crazier than before. The band undoubtedly went through a quality progress that got them picked up by Ascension 46 (artist include: The Southern Oracle, Shell Beach, Showyourteeth) to handle the band’s management and booking.

The band took the two new songs and their “Grab The Key” material on the road and did a 10-day European tour in November 2012, while they haven’t stopped playing relentlessly all over their home country. The band opened for Stick To Your Guns, Comeback Cid, Set Your Goals, Cancer Bats, More Than A Thousand among many. 2013 sent the band back in the rehearsal room and studio to start working on their debut full-length “The Ache Of Love”, an 11-track freight train of passion, anger and chaos. After recording the full-length in the summer, the band joined fellow Hungarian artists The Southern Oracle and Shell Beach for a two-week European and a 5-day Hungarian tour only to return to the studio to finish up post-production on their full-length, which is came out on march 2014!
And it was nominated as one of the best records of 2014 by the biggest Hungarian underground online magazine Nuskull.
The band started the year 2015 with writing and recording a new single. The song ’+’ was released on march.

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