Ducking Punches (UK), We Bless This Mess (PT), Egyetlen

British Ducking Punches returns to A38 Ship's Deck! Dan Allen - also known as graphic artist and activist - is a prominent songwriter of his generation who was discovered by Frank Turner. Over the years as a punk musician who played at Download and Reed & Leeds he returns to Budapest in the company of Portugiese We Bless This Mess. Nelson Graf, the full-tattooed-violinist-guitarist played on the A38 Ship last December with Ivan & the Parazol since he is also the frontman of The Melonas, but now he is going to present his own songs.

Ducking Punches (UK)

Folk punk born out of the embers of old bands, It started as a necessity. Losing a band and having that sinking feeling that you won’t be playing music for a while just wasn’t an option. Henceforth, Ducking Punches!

Now with a full band lineup featuring members of Manbearpig, Bad Ideas, Darkened Dials and Other Half.

The brand new full length album 'Dance Before You sleep'
will be out mid February.

In an ever growing scene, Ducking Punches stand proud in the arguably convoluted sea of punks with acoustics.

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