Call Me Unique album promotion gig (UK/HU), Blue Uandi (CZ)

Call Me Unique album promotion gig (UK/HU), Blue Uandi (CZ)

Call Me Unique album promotion gig (UK/HU), Blue Uandi (CZ)
Friday 20:00
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Call Me Unique album promotion gig (UK/HU), Blue Uandi (CZ)

Singer/songwriter & guitarist Call Me Unique infuses the sounds of jazz, soul, futurebeats, and scat-singing. Influenced by the sounds of Lauryn Hill, Ed Sheeran, Ella Fitzgerald & Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes. Renowned for her love of scatting and eclectic performance approach, her vibe truly is "unique".

Call Me Unique

“When Is Tasha  Coming Home”

“When Is Tasha Coming Home” is a 6-track EP based on the concept of Call Me Unique in a conversation from her inner self. Stories taken from as far back as childhood up to adult age, this EP began as clips from old diary pages that she found. It then evolved into words, thoughts, and feelings that Call Me Unique has not yet publicly divulged, hoping that audiences find some of the stories healing in a thought-provoking way. Touching upon subjects such as imposter syndrome, depression, heartbreak, loneliness and pain whilst also expressing hope, strength, resilience and determination to grow.

This is the most honest and gut-wrenching piece of Unique’s work to date. From “Assertive”s - a depiction of how love may not be enough to hold onto a relationship, “Pressure” - the pressures of being “the best version of yourself” and society’s idealism of “being a good person”, “Daddy Time” an honest and heartfelt letter to her father, “My Sly Cry” hearing from her younger self about the roads she took towards the creation of “Unique” - her alter ego, “Thank You” a breather from the sombre songs to remind everyone of just how grateful “Call Me Unique” is for the good times and finally... “Wordsworth” - the tale of Unique’s car accident and the reality that words have power, ending in a mantra of “wishing you a long existence” to the listener. This whole EP is an honest look into what it took to make and sometimes break this artist into who she is today.

Blue Uandi

Blue Uandi is a Czech pop duo oscillating between song-writing, club music and experimental electronica. Established by two childhood friends - singer/producer/pianist Martin Konvička and singer/producer/guitarist David Machovský, they made their debut in 2021 with the “1000 Braids” EP. Both having solid experience in other genres spanning jazz, prog-rock and traditional composition, they create soundscapes without relying on nothing else but their sense of wonder, constantly re-imagining the vast range of human emotion. They consistently strive to collaborate with artists in both musical and visual fields, to support their multifaceted identity and give life to their artistic vision. The upcoming series of single releases in 2022/23 will also be brought to live concerts for the first time!

Realised with the support of the LivEurope.

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