Grand Mexican Warlock, ék

Grand Mexican Warlock, ék

Grand Mexican Warlock, ék
Friday 19:45
Concert Hall

Grand Mexican Warlock, ék

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Grand Mexican Warlock has been on stage quite rarely in recent years (the last time was last March), so their boat concert is a real curiosity. In addition to the well-known songs from the first three LPs, some brand new compositions from the comeback album, which is in full swing, will be heard for the first time. Appearance is mandatory!

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Grand Mexican Warlock

The band with the mysterious name was founded by Laci Szabó (ex-Idoru), who now you can see playing the guitar instead of banging the drums, but beside that he is responsible for the songs and the unique sound of the band. The word psychedelic is what describes them most, but imagine a mixture of Led Zeppelin, The Mars volta, Jeff Buckley, Oceansize or Radiohead melting into each other in an own way. The members are coming from the most well known bands all over, like Matyi Mohácsi on bass (Shell Beach, ex-Idoru), Tamás Reich on guitar (Subscribe), Dani Somló (Esclin Syndo), Áron Hegyi on rhodes and piano ( Jazzékiel ), and Undos on vocals (My Small Community). The record about the vaticinal warlock will finally be released in spring of 2010.





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