AWS, Kies, Fatal Error

The AWS, Fatal Error, Kies show after a successful country tour arrives to its Budapest stage.


The band AWS was founded on the summer of 2006 in Budakeszi. Their music style can be cathegorized as a mixture of alternative and modern metal . However there are a lot of heavy guitar riffs and agressive vocal samples, also catchy choruses and soft melodies can be found in their music, and to go further, the whole thing comes down in their intensive stage performance. Their first EP was recorded in 2008 with the title: „Faithless”.
They were awarded as the "Best foreign band" at the International Live Award 2011 final in Vienna. They are the MTV "Brand New" band of 2011, which means that the channel plays their songs and broadcasts new information about AWS.



Fatal Error

Powerful blues, punk, metal, rock based pop, that drifts like mad, and catches you like a true pop indie mixture at the end.

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