Artur, Hause Plants (PT)

Artur, Hause Plants (PT)

Artur, Hause Plants (PT)
Thursday 20:30
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Artur, Hause Plants (PT)

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Artur is coming from the southern countryside. Fata morgana may trick your mind that one organic unit is approaching; in fact, it is four human beings on the distorted horizon. Four quiet men looking for sounds as crack of the salty soil, buzz of the mayfly, or low rhythmic vibration of a bridge across Tisza.

Artur is a four-piece band from Szeged formed in 2015. The members are Bálint Czene (drums), Dénes Török (vocals, bass), Ádám Vőneki (guitar, keys), and Zoltán Zelei (guitar, keys). After two EPs (Költözni Hawaiira, 2018, Költőkirály, 2018) and a Live EP (Live at Gribedli, 2019) their first LP has arrived in 2020, titled as Mindenki Menekül. The second LP, A bölcsesség hegye has been released this year in march. 

"These songs are complex, smart and sensitive, sometimes rocking, wandering in other cases, and always dancing at the borderline of being structured." - 

Hause Plants (PT)


Indie rock group Hause Plants, formed in 2020, is the product of teenage years spent in nightclubs and bars surrounded by live music and indie rock bands every weekend. Growing up, they were just as influenced by The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Rapture as they were influenced by the cool kids in Bairro Alto and Graça, the hipster neighbourhoods of Lisbon’s nightlife, wearing leather jackets and skinny jeans, singing their favourite Arctic Monkeys’ lyrics as if there was no one else around, shaping the city’s thriving DIY scene the Hause Plants’ members were a part of.
The Brooklyn-based, Lisbon-born band consisting of Guilherme Machado Correia, João Nunes da Silva, Dani Royo and João Simões, are set on pioneering a modern take to the music they grew up on. While the band finds influence in the classic indie rock bands they grew up listening to, their inspiration comes from more contemporary artists who, like themselves, are set to reinvent guitar music in the 21st century, like Nilüfer Yanya, Tomberlin, Wet Leg, Turnstile and The Garden.

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