Amenra (BE), Boris (JP)

One of the most important post-metal bands of the past ten years Amenra acting as an art collective will perform in Budapest in February 2018. The Flemish Five comes with their latest album featuring songs of their latest album titled MASS VI. Their support will be the Japanese sonic legend Boris stays on stage for the probably most important extreme music concert in Budapest in the first half of 2018.

Amenra (BE)

The sixth album by the AMENRA titled MASS focuses on the pains of life: the frightening and spiritual sound of the band has never been as palpable as on the new album. This great material with flamenco inserts, fragile vocals and arousal is undoubtedly the top of the band's career. Neurosis's own publisher released their album with different mixes of the material for Europe and for America with other mixes so now all fans can check which sounds better!

Boris (JP)

For the past 25 years active Japanese legends Boris could never be accused of monotony. The trio named after the Melvins-song has never been satisfied with their own sound, and their experimental attitude has given life to the most exciting experiments of extreme music of the millennium. Whether it is the periphery of drone and noise, and with Merzbow or Sunn O))), two things have always been certain: Boris is a little louder orchestra of all that exist in the world and live it is only the trio of Atsuo, Takeshi, and Wata. The 2017 songs of Dear come as a kind of farewell that will smash and check the A38 concert hall's sound system.


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