Pesti Estek

Pesti Estek: Zuboly Christmas, guest: Csángálló

Zuboly is one of Hungary's weirdest, funniest and most popular bands, that mixes opera, pop, hiphop, beatbox, jazz, folk and all other music styles - they reinvent in their sound mix just as if you were striking gold on a huge pile of wreckage.  The music by Csángálló is very close to the traditional Hungarian etno sound and is very powerful.


Zuboly is an etnohiphop-formation was invented by the restless music genious of Béla Ágoston (Dél-Alföldi Szaxofonegyüttes, Agostones). Broken etno – this is how Zuboly defines its music, but you could name it also shed-folk or folk bootleg as well. The hiphop-beatbox by MC Busa melts together folk music elemets and the junk-parts of pop music in a uniquely humorous and original way. This is how during one single song musicx elements of Muzsikás and Chis Isaac, Michael Jackson and Mozart, folk singing and raggamuffin can melt together. All these enriched with bass, recorders, bagpipes, saxophones, jew’s-harps, harmonica etc. guarantee great entertainment. This contemporary folk-jazz-hiphop-underground band released the most original album of last months titled Értem a kujonságot.

Members of the band:
Béla Ágoston - vocals, saxophone, viola
Filix Ágoston Benke - singing, tapan
István Busa - vocals, rap, beatbox
Erno Hock - vocals, bass guitar
Zoltán Mizsei - vocals, keyboards
David Szarvas - singing, beatbox, percussion


The Csángálló is a family of five souls, featuring musicians bringing the source of inspiration. Their music world made up of Gyimes, Moldavian and Balkan folk music brings a thrilling encounter, which has been enlarged by free thinking, improvisation, composing and singing to become a new whole. The final result is still a kind of psychedelic experience, which is due to the pull of melodies and the accompaniment coming from true depth. So their music is not just a virtuoso party event, but also the state of mind of the origin of their music. Their common dream started in 2009, with Sára Csoba and Tamás Bősze Jean-Pierre. They have since become permanent players on the Hungarian folk music and world music scene, and regular performers at Budapest dance houses, clubs and summer festivals, as well as concerts abroad. The band often starts collecting music from that original inspiration for their music immersed in the environment. They have worked with internationally renowned artists such as Tcha Limberger or Lajkó Félix. With the latter they jointly opened the 2016 O.Z.O.R.A. festival where they performed music for more than 20,000 people. Their first album was released this year by Fonó Records titled Fel az úton .... The Zengőkertben record set by Bánházi Gábor accurately reproduces the Csángálló captivating live concert power, sweeping the atmosphere, which is hard to resist. They believe that music is a universal language among people, which cures, raises, and flips the wings of the imagination to return to our roots that nourishes the tribe so that the branches can dance in the light freely.

A zenekar tagjai
Sára Csobán - saxophone, kaval
Bagi Bálint - tárogató, flutes
Gárgyán Zoltán Tamás - clarinet, jaw harp
Johannes Olsson - accordion
Bősze Tamás Jean-Pierre - vocals, percussion

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