Pesti Estek: A Kutya Vacsorája - album-release party

Pesti Estek: A Kutya Vacsorája - album-release party

Pesti Estek: A Kutya Vacsorája - album-release party
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

Pesti Estek: A Kutya Vacsorája - album-release party

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A Kuya Vacsorája band is going to have a huge album-release party at the A38 with a great show, guests, dedications and more. This video features one of the new songs from their upcoming album:


A Kutya Vacsorája

A Kutya Vacsorája is an undisputed cornerstone of Hungarian underground music. Varga Livius is sometimes subjected to some thoughtful, ironic texts by the domestic alternative music supergroup. Also in all musical styles! At the A Kutya Vacsorája concerts the audience is fed up with the musical flow experience, as a dessert the psychologist-philosopher is comedic with our human being; with our majesty.

A Kutya Vacsorája is a great treat for those who are endowed with colorful, moody, style-like, bogus and enjoyable music. Their accessories from the rhythms are total experimentation from hiphop and latin, from guitar tunes to electronics, from vocals and dummies to single-person humor, coffee-house stand-up comedy, hiphop, ragga, "Livius" , story tell, "and blues. The jazz-jerking of the movie-sounding mood, while the ghost of the chemically pure rock & roll is accompanied by the whole.

Varga Livius - vocals, rap, percussion
Ferenc Gerdesits - drums
Zoltán Nemes - keyboards, vocals
Gábor Thick - guitar, vocals
László Varga - bass guitar
István János Köles - percussion (and other sounds)

2008 - Live at A38
2011 - Gumicsont
2015 - Bounce again
2018 - Love Seven Times (!)


  • A Kutya Vacsorája
  • A Kutya Vacsorája, Frenk, Jambalaya

    11 February 2006


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