You Me At Six (UK)

You Me At Six (UK)

You Me At Six (UK)
Tuesday 20:30
Concert Hall

You Me At Six (UK)

  • Indie

This is  the new date for the concert announced for 06/06/2021, all previously redeemed tickets are valid.


You Me At Six returns to Budapest with a more diverse record than ever before.

The British band, abandoning all compliance constraints, traveled to Thailand to leave their problems behind to record their new record. Suckapunch from the indie-rock band promises to mix a lot of unusual, new elements into the sound of the songs, but the guys feel just that diverse, experimental sound. We can also get to know the new sound first hand on June 6, 2021 on the A38.

The British band gave full space to experimentation on their album Suckapunch, so in addition to the previously mostly rock-based songs, they also got some dance, R&B and hip hop instead. Shortly after the release of VI, the guys were already immersed in writing their new material, continuing the experimentation they had begun on the sixth album with producer Dan Austin, whom they almost love as a member. They toured all the major festivals with the VI tour, played in front of 15,000 people in London, and finally reached Hungary with their first independent concert with the concert series. And after the popular VI, the brand new Sukapunch will arrive in January.

The album was recorded in Thailand, with most of the songs being born on the go while touring America and Canada. Traveling to Thailand was a way to break away from the outside world and the noise, says Dan, the teams drummer. - Nothing mattered just the record. When theres a lot of shit around you its hard to focus. You can't pay attention to the point. Im not saying we went to Thailand to find ourselves, but being trapped in this happy bubble helped us see clearly. It was all about us and the creation.

If Suckapunch has a theme, its reflection and liberation. Accept what has changed and move on. As the introduction of the album, the Beautiful Way is already out, and the entire material will arrive in January, so we will have plenty of time to learn the songs until the June concert.

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