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Wintergatan (SE), I Am Soyuz (HU/SE)

Wintergatan is the new orchestra of the crazy Göteborg-located instrument-builder Martin Molin that mixes electronic sound with Scandinavian folk music and completely hilarious instrument-discoveries. Molin's latest invention is a "ballmachine" the building of which was followed by more millions of people on the Youtube. Each performance of the Wintergatan brings a special exprerience, halfway between a science fiction machine-presentation and a folkpop-electronica concert.

Wintergatan (SE)

The Swedish band WINTERGATAN is about music. And musical instruments. And sounds and melodies. With pounding beats in the bottom end, autoharp and accordion in the middle and Vibraphone, Glockenspiel and Music box towards the high end the sound of Wintergatan is both beauty and beast. Grand and minimalistic. Occasionally the Modulin, a monophonic analogue homebuilt theremin/violin-esque syntheseizer dives in singing in the sci-fi key.

All instrumental Wintergatan tells tales without words, making music that connects directly with their audience, driven by catchy melodies.

The band´s name derives from the recording session where Wintergatan created their debut album in a vast forest in Sweden. Wintergatan is Swedish for “The Milky Way” and on cloud free nights in the forest, distant from city lights fogging the view, you can see how our galaxy lies tilted, as a line crossing the starry sky. This sensation of actually being a part of, and in, the galaxy gave name to the band.

The first piece to emerge from Wintergatan was the song and video of “Sommarfågel”. “Sommarfågel” immediately flew on its own and an extensive live tour was booked from just that single. A second song and video, “Starmachine 2000”, was released shortly after that. Wintergatan then released their selftitled debut album on May 1, 2013, on their own record label.

In October 2013 Wintergatan released a single named after Gothenburg´s fastest bike – Tornado. With “Tornado” and another bike related track “Biking is Better”, taken from the debut album, Wintergatan salutes the superiority of biking as the best inner city transportation; quicker, cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Wintergatan´s four members all plays several instruments and if there is a need for a new instrument someone figures out how to use it. It was this approach that first brought Martin, David, Marcus and Evelina together. They all grew up in four different small towns in Sweden – the kind of small towns where you have to come up with something yourself to have anything to do. Unknowingly of each other they spent their time in similar ways making and playing music.

Ten years later Wintergatan was born.

The instruments used on all Wintergatan releases include Music Box, Glockenspiel, Handclaps, Accordion, Bass, Tambourine, Analogue Synth, Modulin, Vibraphone, Harp, Drawing Pin Piano, Typewriter, Digital Synth, Hackbrett, Toy Piano, Whistle, Drums, Mandolin, Piano, Projector, Melodica, Toy Synth, Autoharp, Electric Guitar, Theremin and Hammond Organ.

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