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The laws of nature are self-evident, even though the creation of culture is the only given possibility for man. The goods produced, whether they are of material or spiritual quality, often go against the will of nature, yet this seems to be the only way to return to the final thought. Man must put his tools at the service of the discovery of the past, with which he can awaken in himself the instinct that the social constructions of the past millennia have tried to disabuse him of. Our environment is the wilderness, which we must plant not only in nature, but also in the built world, in all our inventions, and finally in ourselves, in our spiritual primal experiences.

The VAD band wants to awaken the dormant archetype in people, which takes them back to the "time before time", the pre-language phase of species development, where thought is one with reality, and thus can be interpreted as the ultimate truth.

The band VAD:
László Péntek: drums
Kristóf Sánta: bass guitar
Nikolett Stánicz: clarinet, guitar, vocals
Mór Antal Szűcs: vocals, lead guitar


Varkocs (SK)

"The ensemble was formed in 2018. The band plays the humming folk songs of the highland ethnic groups (Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs and Ruthenians) on ancient Slavic and Hungarian pagan instruments, in a specific Csallóközi-Punk or Hooligan Folk style. Varkocs performs mostly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but we have already toured Eastern and Western Europe as well. Our pride: in 2020, the Slovak public chose us as one of the finalists of the Radio Head Awards. In 2022, we represented Slovakian humming culture at the 9th International humming festival in Berlin. This year, we were the first Eastern European band to play the Cape Verde Islands."

This concert was supported by LivEurope.

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