Unschooling (FR), Daráge, Commuter (GR)

Unschooling (FR), Daráge, Commuter (GR)

Unschooling (FR), Daráge, Commuter (GR)
Saturday 19:00
orr stúdió

Unschooling (FR), Daráge, Commuter (GR)

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 "With the possible exception of Crass or The Beach Boys, few bands can claim to sound like their namesake. Unschooling, a newly formed four-piece band from Rouen and Montréal, ticks this off elegantly.

Disciples of art-rocker Women, these home-schooled cubes have thrown out the textbooks and put a deceptively mathematical rock on the curriculum, where complex guitar themes flirt with lo-fi spontaneity.

Made up of ex-MNNQNS members and other Rouenites, the foursome built their own open university on the pillars of post-punk. The result is as noisy as it is sensitive. They'd still end up in the dean's office if it weren't for a few scraps of Pop to prop up their grades every now and then."



An ineradicable, rare garage punk trio from the heart of Budapest.
"removing a wasp nest with flex from the back shed,
all this with a naked upper body, of course."
Fuzzy electric guitar, motorically pulsating drums and deep
their chemistry is characterized by booming, hypnotic bass. Worth knowing
oral reading for comprehension.
From two-chord head-shaking numbers to quarter-hour psy jams, there is a lot to discover in their repertoire.
Sweating is guaranteed, earplugs can be useful!

Commuter (GR)


Commuter started as a musical project of Dionysis Koutavas (vocals/guitar) in Athens in 2019. In the beginning, they were inspired by, among other things, the post-punk sounds of the Canadian scene (Women, Prooccupations) and the new wave of the United Kingdom (Shame, Squid). In October 2021, the project finally became a full band with the addition of Dimitris Koutsoulis (drums), Spilios Kakkas (bass) and Alexandros Kolokythas (guitar). The band released their debut self-titled EP to rave reviews and are already being talked about as Greece's next big thing.

Concert released with the support of the Liveurope.

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orr stúdió
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