Turbo, Jónás Vera

One of Hungary's most kicking rock, psychedelic, progressive bands that has been born as a Supergroup on the grounds of the most popular rock bands of the scene. Give your night a true Turbo finish!


Turbo was born in 2005 from the four founding members’ love of rock and roll. The members are known from earlier Hungarian musical enterprises (e.g. Fresh Fabrik, Warpigs, The Carbonfools, Freedom Republic). The goal of the band is to convey a true rock experience and it works accordingly. If the band cannot complete this single mission, it will disband and fade away. By spring 2007 the band completed their first EP christened” Boarman Session”. The tile derives trivially from the name of a small town near Nürnberg where the material had been recorded (Ebermannstadt). During summer 2007 Jero joined the band on bass (ex-Rémember) whose contribution is an additional energy supply. At the beginning of 2008 a new drummer, Delov Jávor arrived. His rock spirit and jazz training are the last refinements on the Turbo formula. During summer 2008 the band recorded their first LP to be released in January 2009.
In January 2009 the Turbo performed at the famous EuroSonic Festival in Groningen.

Line up:
Balazs Tanka – vocal
David Vigh – guitar
Dure - Hammond/Fender Rhodes - vocal
Jero – bass guitar
Javor Delov – drums

Jónás Vera

Vera is a singer-songwriter-looping artist, living between London and Budapest, playing gigs, collaborating with other artists and producers.


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