Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FR), Next To None (US)

Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FR), Next To None (US)

Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FR), Next To None (US)
Wednesday 20:15
Concert Hall

Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FR), Next To None (US)

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One of the greatest progmetal bands of our time British Haken released its latest fourth album in April. This monumental, critically acclaimed album titled Affinity will be presented on their upcoming tour that is going to hit the A38 Ship too.

Haken (UK)

Formed in 2007 by To-Mera guitarist and keyboardist Richard Henshall, Haken are a full-fledged modern progressive rock band hailing from London, England. Following a few initial lineup shuffles and the release of a demo in 2008, the group's personnel settled to include singer Ross Jennings, guitarist Charlie Griffiths (of Linear Sphere), keyboardist Diego Tejeida, bassist Thomas MacLean (also of To-Mera), and drummer Ray Hearne. On the strength of their first demo and some heavy touring, they signed with Sensory Records in 2010 to release their debut, a concept album called Aquarius. Blending prog-metal with influences from 70's art rock giants past (Genesis, Kansas, etc.) and more contemporary ones (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), they quickly followed up with Visions, in October 2011. Haken's third album, The Mountain, arrived in 2013 via Inside Out Music and would be the last to feature bassist Thomas MacLean. His replacement, American bassist Conner Green, came on board in time to record 2014's Restoration EP which contained several reworked versions of songs from their 2008 demo. Meanwhile, writing had already begun for their fourth full-length produced by longtime collaborator Jens Bogren. Inside Out issued the pre-release single "Initiate" in March 2016, followed by a second, "The Endless Knot," in early April. The completed album, Affinity, was released at month's end during the band's European tour.


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