Tompos Kátya

Tompos Kátya

Tompos Kátya
Thursday 20:00
Main Concert Hall

Tompos Kátya

  • Pop

Beatiful chansons by a half Russian half Hungarian diva, actress, star, singer: Kátya Tompos presents a uniquely high standard of romantic pop music on the Hungarian scene. A night of passion!  

Tompos Kátya

Tompos Kátya's second solo album, entitled "Holdjárat", was released in September 2017.

Holdjárat is the mysterious force that connects souls with souls, as an invisible help, a mystical journey, an adventure that everyone desires, enduring or reassuring, merging or separating endless or volatile loves waiting for us.

For this new trip, Kátya also asked Robi Hrutka as travel companion. However, this time they have not revisited songs for Katia as they did for the album "Through the Europe". 10 new songs were born on the new album. Almost every song was written by Tompos Kátya. The intimate, somewhat thoughtful, somewhat funny, but deeply-inspired stories of the soul were inspired by both life. One piece from all the poems of the actress's soul, a window to the world.

Of course, besides the new album's songs, the old favorites were also given in the program of the Holdjárat concert.

Róbert Hrutka guitar
Kalmus Felicián cello
Ádám Markó drums
Zoltán Galambos piano
Attila Fehérvári bass
Dely Domonkos percussion/vocals


  • Tompos Kátya
    Tompos Kátya

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Main Concert Hall