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The Stranglers (UK)

The Stranglers (UK)

The Stranglers (UK)
Friday 20:30
Concert Hall

The Stranglers (UK)

  • Punk
  • Shoegaze

Living punk legends, The Stranglers will give their first club concert in Hungary: leading representatives of British punk, who cannot be described as conventional, will perform on 12th November 2021 at the A38. Founded in 1974, the new wave band has released sixteen albums during their career, their debut album being included on the 1001 albums you need to hear before you die titled book. The status of cult band has been given to them thanks to their hit titled Golden Brown, that's talking about heroin. They achieved international popularity with this song that became world famous featured in the film titled Bluff played at the unforgettable wrestling scene.

Throughout their career, they have toured in an ice cream parlor minibus and have clashed several times with police and journalists. They last visited Budapest in 1995, and the Hungarian audience could see them as performers of the Sziget Festival (then Diáksziget).
They will arrive in Budapest on their last major tour, tickets available from January 27!




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