The Mabon Dawud Republic / Recorded live at the A38 Ship

The Mabon Dawud Republic / Recorded live at the A38 Ship

The Mabon Dawud Republic / Recorded live at the A38 Ship
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

The Mabon Dawud Republic / Recorded live at the A38 Ship

  • World music, Folk

The 41st Budapest Spring Festival evokes the best A38 concerts in this year's online program. On April 10, United in Sounds - Cosmic Forces of Oneness will bring excellent domestic and foreign representatives of modern African music to Ship’s virtual space for the festival. In addition to the musicians of the Hungarian Mabon Dawud Republic, many foreign guests will perform on the stage - including the explosively energetic Stevo Atambire from Ghana, the master of an instrument called kologo.


Let's meet virtually at the 41st Budapest Spring Festival, April 9-18. between! The ten-day, online program series evokes memorable moments of forty years without genre restrictions and presents new productions, faithfully following the all-arts aspirations of previous festivals.

The defining formation of modern African music in Hungary, the Mabon Dawud Republic, and Szabolcs Bognár, who launched a solo project called ásbáse, will take the stage with today's most exciting African musicians. For the extraordinary program, guests come from Ghana and Nigeria.

Stevo Atambire in Ghana is a master of an ancient traditional African instrument, the kologo. His energetic and virtuoso playing style is complemented by his unique singing voice, exciting lyrics and the combination of traditional Ghanaian music with modern production techniques. Trumpeter Etuk Ubong is one of the most promising talents in contemporary Nigerian jazz. He has played with performers such as Femi Kuti or Victor Olaiya.

Nigerian Wayne Snow grew up in Paris and currently lives in Berlin. He is not primarily nourished by traditional West African and Nigerian musical traditions, with a much greater emphasis on contemporary electronic music, neo soul and hip hop in his music.

The A38 Boat joins the festival with its most memorable BTF concerts, the premiere of the United in Sounds concert kicks off on April 10 at 8pm on the A38 Boat YouTube channel

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