The Anahit, Flanger Kids

The Anahit, Flanger Kids

The Anahit, Flanger Kids
Thursday 19:30

The Anahit, Flanger Kids

The story of The Anahit, nominated for the Petőfi Music Prize in 2022, began in London in 2016, when the frontman began working at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance on his first album, In The Dark, released in 2017. The project became a four-member formation in Budapest, which has since released three more recordings, and has become a great concert band.

In 2021, leaving the melancholy of their former musical world behind, they paddled into more popping waters and released their more cheerful, swirling songs. The Anahit, meanwhile, has won prestigious accolades, its songs are played on radio stations around the world, and in the autumn of 2021, the quartet released their first recording in Hungarian.

The summer kicks off on the roof terrace of the A38, where both old and new songs are played to the audience.

Their guests will be the electropopy duo of Flanger Kids - Colonial Fanny and Szczuka Panka formed in 2020. Their debut song, “In Your Room”; was added to Telekom Electronic Beats Popping's selection board. The electronic synths of the 80s and the lo-fi graves are made unique by Panka’s jazzy vocals. Their first EP and new single were also released on Move Gently Records.


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