Téveszme, Petofi, Hanoi

It's growing into a tradition that every December the most important Hungarian hardcore/punk band of the last years Téveszme says goodbye to the old year. This  Eger band from Eger has existed in different styles for 13 years, but since the turn of the millennium, it has not only been band from the voice of a whole generation, but the largest community organizing phenomenon in the subculture of the country, which cares for emerging voices. Their work not only gives space to performers such as Hanoi or Petofi acting as guests on the night, but also drew attention to the fact that the subculture should be able to speak against everyday life's vicissitudes and generational extortion.

If you want to curb, you can distinguish two periods of Misconception: when they were looking for their voices (2003-2009) and when they heard their voices (from 2010 to today). I share with you before I find it unnecessary songs have brought not only a niche and fresh organs into the world of punk rock in the country, but the direct lyrics of the melodic hardcore and punk, indirectly with the metalcore, found a direct way for all of them who are looking for their way, who want to be affirmed and who believe in themselves. It's no coincidence that the orchestra has become the number one favorite among the emerging and fresh bands, and the album has bolted all the relevant yearly lists from above: this proved that Viktor literally saturated with his personal lyrics to an entire generation, and that's why Lawsuit is still the most dominant orchestra in subculture. Just as the Laity and Musical Diversity of Reality have a real character, they needed at least such a need for the subculture of Hungary as so demanding and striking Hungarian lyrics. The orchestra, like the last two years, will be closing the year on board A38, which is a good chance to watch a full-fledged concert.

As a guest, this year's new singer Hanoi and the new PETOFI, which will feature an exclusive Budapest concert will be on stage.

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