Műhely x PVC - Takaaki Itoh (JAP), Justyn Nell (ZAF), Nina Farrina (SVK), Adam Krasz, Noirnite

Műhely x PVC - Takaaki Itoh (JAP), Justyn Nell (ZAF), Nina Farrina (SVK), Adam Krasz, Noirnite

Műhely x PVC - Takaaki Itoh (JAP), Justyn Nell (ZAF), Nina Farrina (SVK), Adam Krasz, Noirnite
Saturday 23:00
Concert Hall

Műhely x PVC - Takaaki Itoh (JAP), Justyn Nell (ZAF), Nina Farrina (SVK), Adam Krasz, Noirnite

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The Japanese DJ made his debut in Europe in 2000, his first performance was in Slovakia.

Takaaki's fame and popularity began to spread rapidly across the continent as one of Japan's biggest underground techno DJs. Invitations to the biggest festivals came from all over Europe: Cosmic Trip and Svojsice in the Czech Republic, The Darkside in England, MTW in Germany, Reactor in the Netherlands, Mayday, etc.

As a next step, he founded his own label, called Wols. His passion led him to success and Takaaki entered the ranks of the best of his Techno generation.

To date, Takaaki Iitoh boasts more than 50 self-releases on many different European labels, such as Sheep, Tsunami, Warm Up, Pornographic, MB Selektions, Integrale Muzique. In addition to his own tracks, he surprised the techno scene with quite a few remixes for artists such as Oscar Mulero, Christian Wünsch, Gennaro Le Fosse and many others.

As one of the grandmasters of the strictest sub-genre of techno, the sets of the Japanese DJ are characterized by a specific, dark, dynamic, clean Japanese sound.


Born in 2005 and native to Cape Town, Justyn Nell is an artist with a distinct focus on the raw spectrum of loopy 1990s influenced techno.

Justyn regularly plays at Mødular. for collectives like @vaultcapetown and has also been given the opportunity to play at the legendary And Club in Johannesburg for @muudmovement

Justyn's DJ sets create a captivating atmosphere through blend-intensive vibes, skillfully combining multiple CDJ blends. His selections primarily consist of gritty, loopy, and rhythmic minimalistic sounds that keep the dancers entranced and moving.

Justyn’s music has garnered support from respected artists including DVS1, Rødhåd, Nihad Tule, Kwartz, Pfirter, Setoac Mass, Justine Perry, Paula Koski, to just name a few.


Nina Farrina belongs to the latest generation of Slovak techno DJs. She is mainly inspired by the techno club sound of the 90s and 00s. She describes her style as "filthy-peaktime-maximalistic-psychedelic-hardgroove with soul".

Together with 3ever and WAX club, she founded the CLIWAX club event series and, after moving to Prague, the NoRemorseRave and Bruxa events.


The local support is provided by Műhely’s Adam Krasz and Temporary Nites’ Noirnite, who already perfected their b2b performance in a number of occasions. Their playstyle perfectly balance one and other, making their steady rolling sets a good mix of classic style and new wave techno with numerous experimental elements.

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