Szűcs, guest: Sorbonne Sexual

Szűcs, guest: Sorbonne Sexual

Szűcs, guest: Sorbonne Sexual
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

Szűcs, guest: Sorbonne Sexual

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Krisztián Szűcs, the frontman of Heaven Street Seven, has his new band on board the A38 for the first time. The concert includes new Szűcs songs and traces of old HS7 hits. The members of the band are: Dávid Benkő, Gábor Hosszú, Ábel Mihalik and Krisztián Szűcs.




Sorbonne Sexual

Based on the lyrical tradition of Hungarian alternative music, the Sorbonne Sexual band has created a fine line between progressiveness and popularity, on which it moves. So far, he has released three LPs, two EPs, and several music videos. They have already made a joint song with Beck Zoli, played as a support band for the bands 30Y, Elefánt, Quimby and Supernem. In November 2021, their latest EP entitled Húszas sénoar was released, as well as in December 2023, the news-making song of an upcoming new material, the song Csalók.

"Song lyrics rarely catch my eye live, but here I involuntarily thought: finally something new and not commonplace at all! It's not typical party music - although most of the tracks are fast-paced - so you can jump to it, but it really hits if you pay attention to what's being said. Then you can really tune in." (Dávid Láng, Hungarian Orange)

Gergő Karádi - guitar, vocals, lyrics

Dávid Vitányi - bass guitar

Bálint Imhof – keyboard instruments

Dávid Dörögdi - drums


Fama (2014)

Runaway (2017)

While You Dream (2020)

Twenties EP (2021)






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