Che Sudaka (ES)

Che Sudaka (ES)

Che Sudaka (ES)
Saturday 19:30
Concert Hall

Che Sudaka (ES)

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul

Barcelona's salsa-ragga-hip-hop-punk-street-bomb, Manu Chao's best disciple, Che Sudaka returns to the ship make everyone happily incazed.


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Che Sudaka (E)

The Colombian-Argentine band Che Sudaka was formed in 2002 at the Mediterranean seaport Barcelona and has since been on tour around the world without interruption. Their sound is authentic and recognizable, a mix of Latin American folklore, Jamaican rhythms, punk attitude and the electronic toys of a sound system. Four brothers who stop time with an accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and drum computers, not to forget an inexhaustible positive energy. Each concert is a sweaty fiesta in the “here and now”, a moment of unity and togetherness, respect and love. That's what Che Sudaka stands for. That´s what makes people love the band worldwide. The once illegal immigrants in the streets of Barcelona have been invited to festivals in forty-seven countries and have by now played around one and a half thousand concerts on all five continents. The four South Americans find their musical roots in their own cultura popular as well as in legendary bands like The Clash, Mano Negra or Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Contentual reference points can be found to famous Latin American singer-songwriters, especially to Facundo Cabral. The title of its latest album probably characterizes Che Sudakas essence better than any other: “Almas Rebeldes” (in English: "Rebellious Souls"). With fifteen great tracks and many guests, including Manu Chao, El Gran Silencio, Dr. Ring Ding, Jupiter & The Okwess, Amparo Sanchez or Bnegao, the album brings every party to a boil and, at the same time, reflects on the state of the world and our human nature. The band combines exuberant energy on stage with profound social and self-critical lyrics, its motto is "Bailar pensando!" ("Dancing and thinking"). Che Sudaka has thus become the figurehead of a new attitude towards life and a cultural counter-movement, the connection of a globally linked family. Che Sudaka is a band with a mission, a band that sees itself as a medium for the collective awareness. Music becomes a weapon in a nonviolent struggle for a solidary society. Music is the means to an end, the universal language for the message. Seventeen years of Che Sudaka are seventeen years of a constant (r)evolution of thoughts and feelings, of a positive and collective energy, of a global movement which is joined by more and more rebellious souls! 






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