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Exhibition opening of paintings by Tams Szigeti titled Elements

Exhibition opening of paintings by Tams Szigeti titled Elements

Exhibition opening of paintings by Tams Szigeti titled Elements
Wednesday 20:00
Exhibition space

Exhibition opening of paintings by Tams Szigeti titled Elements

With Tams Szigeti's exhibition Elements, an era in our lives comes to an end

A38 Exhibition Venue, June 9, 2021

With the exhibition of Tams Szigeti a chapter ends in the life of the A38. The A38 Exhibition Hall opened in November 2010 and, in addition to many other programs, concerts, children's programs, book and film screenings, and scientific conferences, have been hosted along 86 exhibitions so far. The whole life of the Ship is characterized by constant change, adaptation to new challenges, development. From now on, the media will play a leading role in this space. On the A38, as a continuation of what has been said so far, there is even more space for archiving and publishing culture.

Trusting in continuing to work together, we work to ensure that our activities in contemporary art are not interrupted. Between 1999 and 2010 we spent eleven years in the gallery on Hornszky Street, as well as between 2010 and 2021 on the A38. We are looking for a location for the next eleven years.

We would like to thank the artists who collaborated with us, our performers, and all our staff who helped us to realize our programs during this many years of cooperation.

Tams Szigeti's latest paintings are an integral part of the series of his paintings presented in previous years. In the paintings, the projections of imagination and everyday reality are once again intertwined in the wooded, light-shaking spaces. In creating this picturesque milieu, the display of the natural environment emphasizes the lyrical vision on the one hand, and suggests longing, the elemental desire for originality, on the other.

In the current images, the characters do not come into the picture space because of their public presence or fame, but rather as figures exposed to living in, or just suffering from natural forces. The fate and exposure of the characters do not expect direct identification from the viewer either, but require a kind of distant but empathetic attention. The depiction of this distance as an experience of life is always mixed with the colors and textures of the almost unbearable proximity of earth and bark.


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Exhibition space