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Šwierkiewicz Róbert art exhibition

The personal and the divine

Opening of exhibition by Róbert Swierkievicz on the occasion of his 70th birtday presenting his well-know and very pieces of art. The day after the opening the artist will make a performace act with Emilio Morandi. His exhibition will be opened by art historian Ernő Marosi.

Šwierkiewicz Róbert

A multi-media presentation of the latest book by Róbert Šwierkiewicz, famous painter, artist, traveller, India-specialist, balloon-flyer, thinker, organiser, who dedicated his latest book to the spiritual depths of the Hindi culture, which is represented by his paintings and texts in this album, featuring also quotations by different people coming of different worlds.  

The pesentatiion will be opened by dr. Manoj K. Mohapatra, the first secretary to the Indian Embassy and orientalist Aliz dr. Radnóti.

Music by Nawang Khechong

Special thanks for the development of the idea to László Ponyiczky and Zsófi Horváth.

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