Susie & the Pills, The California Nightmares

Susie & the Pills, The California Nightmares

Susie & the Pills, The California Nightmares
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

Susie & the Pills, The California Nightmares

  • Rock

Susie & the Pills

“He’s the loose kid, he’s the one who’s free, he’s the one who gets stuck in his dreams…” So begins the self-titledthe chorus of our song, and not by chance: we are four friends who were stuck in their childhood dreams,and they formed a band. Susie & the Pills has existed in our lineup since February 2021 andIn a relatively short time, we made our first album at Nortyx Sound Studio. 12with a song, we also shot a studio clip and a concert clip during our packed club concert.Alternative rock suits our style the most, seasoned with punk, grunge andwith psychedelic elements. We have performed in many places both in Budapest and in the countryside, and now hereit's time to take the stage of the A38 too!


The California Nightmares

It took nearly 1 year for The California Nightmares' first major album. The pandemic due to the closures caused by it, the band had time to rethink their music. Of this resulting in their material entitled ‘Into the Nightmares’, published in early December, which closes the era of the guys so far and gives way to a new one. The band leaving the their initial surf punk line set off in a tougher direction, both aurally, both textually, striving to be characterized by energetic, action stay. The guys are currently working on new tracks, some of which he’s sure to get away with sound couple in the evening.


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