Grungery presents: Chris Cornell devotion

"No one sings like you anymore" - A night with many great singers, musicians, acts, talks, tributes to remember the fantastic music talent and personality of Chris Cornell!   

Concerts | Talks | Videos | Messages from Seattle | The life of Chris Cornell | Surprises

Performing singers: Galambos Dorina (River of LustMrs Columbo) | Kövi Lóránt (Flop) | Ormai Bertold (BasementStone Pilots - Hungarian Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band) | Pálinkás Tomi (ex-ISTEN HÁTA MÖGÖTT,TEJ) | Székely Marci (Ozone MamaSUPERUNKNOWNs - a tribute to SOUNDGARDEN) | Tanka Balázs (KalderaTurbo) | Vörös András (Ørdøg, ex-Superbutt)

Bands: Basement | Flop | SUPERUNKNOWNs - a tribute to SOUNDGARDEN

Guest musicians: Erdős Szabolcs (River Of Lust) | Sipos Andris (Strong DeformityNUKE) | Stumpf András | Szabó Attila (Caught the Flow, ex-Soundshine)

Stage talks: Draveczki-Ury Ádám (Shockmagazin) | Lénárd László (HammerWorld magazin) | Pintér Miklós (Grungery - Sound of Seattle) | Tresó T Tibor (KultPresso - a Lánchíd Rádió törzsasztala) | Uzseka Norbert (HammerWorld magazin)

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