A38 Pesti Est 25 Tetőterasz

Lóci Játszik, vendég: Telma Lincoln & Minimyst

The super-funny, super-charming and super-professional Lóci játszik and his band will break all hearts on this night with really funny songs and simply great pop. They'll be supported by Telma Lincoln & Minimyst.

Lóci játszik

Telma Lincoln & Minimyst

After his first EP “Loyal”, Minimyst, the singer, songwriter and producer introduces his debut LP “Hard Water”, which showcases a complex and diverse style by planting the music of live instruments into electronic music in a special way. He labels his music style as ”down pop” which alludes to the mood of the deep, lyric-based, new wave music of the ’80s and to the buoyancy of certain kinds of mainstream electropop music. The record feature guest musicians to enrich the collection of multifarious beats.



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