Special Providence, Sunset

The leading band of the Hungarian progressive scene will present its latest album on this great night. Their support will be the Sunset.

Special Providence

The band formed in January, 2004. from long time friends and musicians of Kobánya Music Studio and Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. The members of the band play in many well known and appreciated groups in Hungary and took part in the making of several albums, as songwriter, studiomusician or orchestrator besides Special Providence. This band represents the so-called "fusion-jazz" style, loves unique musical solutions, the melodic while dynamic on-stage playing. and tries to put the music over the individual musican. They play clubs, jazzfestivals in hungary and abroad as well. Albums: 2005-'Dharma', 2007 - Space Café

Line up
Adam Marko - drums
Márton Kertész - guitar
Zoltan Csery - piano, keyboards
István Bata - bass


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