Shell Beach, Meristem, TDK (BG), Touch

Shell Beach, Meristem, TDK (BG), Touch

Shell Beach, Meristem, TDK (BG), Touch
Friday 18:30
Concert Hall

Shell Beach, Meristem, TDK (BG), Touch

  • Hardcore
  • Metal

Shell Beach returns to the ship with a completely fresh look, renewed and shining in full force, bravely experimenting with its post-hardcore roots, and with a very strong package.

Returning last year with a new album, a new line-up and huge energies, Shell Beach arrives on board the ship with a total of four bands: well-known faces from Budapest's underground life (AWS, Leander Kills, Harmed, Prosectura to name but a few) recruited and consolidated in 2023 with progressive metal Meristem, preparing for its new album, Bulgarian avant-garde metal TDK, which produced one of the heaviest domestic debuts of the year, and one of the most original and best concert bands of the domestic HC scene, Touch, which is coming with new material and celebrating its jubilee in 2024.

Shell Beach



The progressive metal band from Budapest, who are currently working on their first LP, is spreading its wings with this year's consolidated line-up. In addition to the necrosis ep and the two subsequent singles, songs from this material will also be brought to the ship's stage. The members of the band can be known from several places by local metal fans. Without claiming to be exhaustive, AWS, Leander Kills, Harmed, Prosectura, Idoru, etc. this is a joint love project of bands.


Stefán Tamás - Vocals Milán Rockov - Vocals Bence Barkóczi - Guitar Gergely Varga - Guitar Soma Schiszler - Bass Mario Szirota - Drums


TDK is a band from the Separatist republic of Dobrina, formed between the teeth of a martyr. The band is Bulgaria's biggest disappointment and at the same time an act that seems to generate ever more interest. Sold-out shows, record sales, Jay-Z and Linkin Park, and idiots dancing to music high on drugs which are only numbers and letters.

The new album "Nemesta" is an album conceived from "Joy, Noise and the resemblance between everything and everything else".

TDK’s musical style can be defined as a constant struggle to overcome one's limits. Ranging from the
calmness of early spring heading straight down to the harsh grit of the pitch-black darkness presented
by the likes of Swans, Brainbombs, Death Grips, Sophie, Lightning Bolt and Duke Ellington - TDK 's music is for cleansing. It can leave you startled and confused. All the lyrics are in Bulgarian as well.


Touch, founded in Budapest in 2014, mixes the sounds of the late 80s NYHC and DC hardcore scene with modern elements. They have already shared the stage with bands such as one of the biggest style creators of recent years, the American Turnstile, Blacklisted, Ceremony, Terror, Negative Approach or Cro-Mags. After two singles - Illusion of Truth and Rearrangement - the band's debut LP, The Darkness Reflects, was released by Derek Archambault, the frontman of Boston's Defeater, on his own label, Version City Blues, in collaboration with the Vienna/Veszprém-based label 9 LIES.


Concert realized with the help of the LivEurope.


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