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Sevdaliza (NL)

Sevdaliza (NL)

Sevdaliza (NL)
Thursday 20:00
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Sevdaliza (NL)

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For the first time in Budapest performs the Iranian-born singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, who gave her own definition of modern pop music: On 8th February 2018 Sevdaliza arrives to the A38.

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Sevdaliza (NL)

After launching her debut album in spring, she impressed the Western European and American audiences, and in February, we can learn more about SEVDALIZA's art in Hungary.

The work of this singer in experimental pop music goes far beyond the average of the genre's representatives: with her provocative and sexy appearance she is focusing on both global and current topics in her songs such as women's position, sexuality, maternity and power.

Her personality is complex and extreme, and her life is backed by a five-year-old relationship with her family from Iran to the Netherlands, who was a professional basketball player in the Dutch national team and graduated as a communications master. The background of her artist name also strengthens her diversity: Sevdaliza means love for Turkish in Portuguese, melancholy in Portugal, and in Arabic culture, the black epithelium. "These three are the same for me at the same time," said the singer in an interview.

According to her own admission, her goal is to give her a clearer and more sincere message to her audience, but she is not afraid of being shocked either: Human. it has been watched over eight million on YouTube, but it is not worth it to go with the video of Marilyn Monroe, which sums up Massive Attack's music and Radiohead's picture world.

In addition to her other contributions, SEVDALIZA also stands out with A$ap Fergg, a joint composer of the A$ap Mob column in New York, with a prominent bad-boy-bad-girl song.


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    20 November 2018


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