Sear Bliss, Rivers Ablaze, Warhymn (RO)

Sear Bliss, Rivers Ablaze, Warhymn (RO)

Sear Bliss, Rivers Ablaze, Warhymn (RO)
Thursday 19:00

Sear Bliss, Rivers Ablaze, Warhymn (RO)

  • Metal

"On June 28, our latest album translated/titled Heavenly Down will be released. To celebrate this, we are holding an unusual concert on the A38 Roof Terrace, where, in addition to many old songs, some new songs will be performed.

At the event, the new record will be available for purchase for the first time, and before and after the concert, it will be possible to catch up with the band members for a short conversation.

In order for the deeply respected audience to have a full experience and to leave satisfied after the hot summer evening program, we also invited guests. This time, Rivers Ablaze and Warhymn (RO) will warm up the atmosphere and dance muscles in front of us."

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Rivers Ablaze

Rivers Ablaze is an experimental extreme metal project by guitarist Márton Kertész (From The Sky, ex-Special Providence). The thing started as a solo project in 2019, when the songs on the debut album "Blood Canvas" were written. The compositions were recorded in April 2020, and then András Nagy (Sear Bliss, Arkhé) sang the album. Other musicians who helped create the album: Oszkár Knapp (Wrong Side, Grizzly), Marek 'Ashok' Smerda (Cradle Of Filth), Zoltán Cséry (Patché, Random Trip) and Béla Budai (The Southern Oracle, The Hellfreaks). The mixing and mastering was done by Péter Csobánczi in the TrashHill Studio, and the cover was dreamed up by András Sütő, based on the painting of the painter László Saly Németh. The album was first released digitally in October 2020, and then in early 2021 it was released in physical format under the care of


  • Special Providence, Antares


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