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Sea + Air (DE/GR), Musica Moralia

Ghost pop by the ingenious German-Greek duo will take you on the wings of Bach and the sounds of the Mediterranean into a true catharsis. Highly recommended for the fans of Owen Pallett, the Radiohead, Kate Bush, Scott Walker and Dead Can Dance too. Support act by Musica Moralia.

Sea + Air (DE/GR)

600 shows, 26 countries, 3 years of non-stop touring across a changing continent. Greek/German duo Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin aka SEΛ + ΛIR both recognised the significance of being in the right place in the right time as they toured their debut album.

Europe reflected in the eyes of its young people became the bedrock of their second album “Evropi”, written on the road and defiantly indifferent to the anglo-american european pop norm.
Mediterranean beats, symphonic melodies, enraptured androgynous voices and exotic instruments such as harpsichord or bouzouki make up their unique "Ghost Pop" sound.

“Evropi” won several awards, made it to the top 50 album charts and lead SEΛ + ΛIR to play prime time tv shows in countries such as Italy, France, Germany and even Canada. Backed by the success of their first two albums they decided to move to
Greece in 2017 to be closer to the southeastern European countries they will tour exclusively in 2017.

For fans of - Owen Pallett, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Scott Walker, Dead Can Dance. "I've seen two shows from these guys in Berlin that were musically as good as any concert I've ever been to before, they are truly magicians..."
- Gordon Raphael (Producer of The Strokes/ Regina Spector)

"With a combination of ingenious swagger, reckless abandon, and pop sensibility, Sea + Air have achieved a new level of pop music which they have defined as “Ghost Pop”.“ - Jammerzine 

Musica Moralia

Musica Moralia is in its wholeness Éda Meggyesházi. A one-man show with dissected instruments that all know the story of how they have become the companion to experimental post-folk noise and silence. Whether it is the dulcimer or the piano, everything on stage speak for itself, eager to paint a personal story, and change with time. Musica Moralia is wholeness on a planet – might be Pluto with its heart facing us – that circles around listeners, and draws near when nobody listens. A witty, artful movement in space.

Being present for more than ten years in the musical scene of Hungary, Berlin, Rotterdam, started its journey on a two stringed guitar, facing the distant future with curiosity.


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