Saiid & Q-Cee & 4Raize

Saiid & Q-Cee & 4Raize

Saiid & Q-Cee & 4Raize
Wednesday 20:00

Saiid & Q-Cee & 4Raize

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul

The real great pharaohs of hip-hop, rap, slam poetry, beatbox, scratch, G-funk, the West Coast, the legends who evoke the legacy of Akkezdet Phiai together in one evening.


He hardly needs any special introduction, since he has been one of the defining figures of the Hungarian hip-hop scene since the second half of the nineties.

He started as a DJ and became a rapper known as the MC and producer of AKKEZDET PHIAI, one of the foundations of Hungarian hip-hop. 2006, and since the birth of Hungarian slam poetry, he has been an emblematic slammer. He was there at the start, and after becoming a two-time national champion at home, in 2012, as the fifth place in the European slammer championship, he also entered the European leaderboard. In 2018, it already hosted the European Championship, just as it is the permanent host of the Slam Poetry Budapest club, and is also the driving force of the slammer world beyond the border. Not only does he often teach alternative literature classes, but his work was also a graduation thesis, and in this way he has a great impact on the generations that follow him.


He has been actively playing music since 1995 and is now an unavoidable figure of the Hungarian underground scene. He participated as a DJ in many international and Hungarian music festivals and competitions. Column member of Random Trip, responsible for beatbox, scratch and after. He regularly provides the musical foundations behind Saiid (Akkezdet Phiai), who is also considered the foundation of Hungarian hip-hop. He hosts Tilos Rádió's 'Street Skillz' program or teaches the skills of the scratch genre at the Scratch Club's workshop. He also prefers to present them live.


He is one of the most talented and authentic representatives of West Coast G-funk and the West Coast. Also known from Akkezdet Phiai, he is a regular guest of Saiid's performances. With quite a few collaborators behind them, supplemented by DJ Q-Cee, they routinely bring the atmosphere to even the dreariest dance floor.

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