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Saiid (Akkezdet Phia) x Q-CEE, Mulató aztékok

Saiid (Akkezdet Phia) x Q-CEE, Mulató aztékok

Saiid (Akkezdet Phia) x Q-CEE, Mulató aztékok
Friday 21:30
Concert Hall

Saiid (Akkezdet Phia) x Q-CEE, Mulató aztékok

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul

SAIID born in 1980, hardly needs any special presentation, as he has been working on the Hungarian hip-hop scene since the second half of the 1990s and is one of its defining figures.

He started as a DJ, became a rapper known as the Phiai MC and producer of Akkezdet, one of the best and most popular in Hungarian hip-hop, in 2006, and has been an iconic slammer since the birth of Hungarian slam poetry. He was there at the start and then, after becoming a two-time national champion at home, in 2012 he also entered the European lead at the top of the European Slammer Championship. In 2018, it was already the host of the European Championship, as well as the permanent host of the Slam Poetry Budapest club, and also the engine of the cross-border slammer world outside Hungary.

Not only does he often hold alternative literature classes, but he has already had a bachelor’s thesis in his work, thus also having a great impact on the generations that follow him.

Q-CEE’s life is underground: Hip-Hop, Break, Freestyle, Beatbox and Scratch.

He has been actively playing music since 1995, and is now an unavoidable figure in the Hungarian underground scene. He has participated in several international and Hungarian music festivals and competitions as a DJ. One of the column members of Random Trip, in charge of Beatbox, Scratch and after. If you’re not touring with Random Trip, you’ll host Forbidden Radio’s ‘Street Skillz’ show, tour the country to meet various party invitations, such as with SAIID, or teach the ins and outs of the Scratch genre in a Scratch Club workshop.

THE FUN AZTEKS bring the rap to the boat straight from Balzac Street. Based on EMEKAJJI, TINK and PHLAT, who are also active in other teams, are throwing the text. Here everything is original, it comes from all hearts.

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