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Rrose (Eaux - UK), Dork, Isu

Rrose (Eaux - UK), Dork, Isu

Rrose (Eaux - UK), Dork, Isu
Saturday 23:30
Concert Hall

Rrose (Eaux - UK), Dork, Isu

  • Electronic

We regret to inform you that the party has to be postponed to another date. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Seth Horvitz - formerly Sutekh - assumed Marcel Duchamp french painter's body-art era stage name in 2011, upon discovering a sensual and expressive alter ego. Seth - a father in the everyday life, created an aesthetic that began to interrogate and dissect gender norms, forever changing the cemented stereotypes of techno's rigid world. His/her works are statements of originality, dramatizations of artistic narcissism and pathways to excellently crafted atmospheric industrial music. The crown jevel of Rrose's past 9 years is his/her recent and first solo album. It closely follows the tracks laid by collaborations such as a modular experiment with Bob Ostertag, an ambient excursion on James Tenney's compositions, and a contemporary classical record with Charlemagne Palestine. Rrose's new Eaux long player "Hymn to Moisture" is truly expansive 21st century electronic music. It is a richly detailed material for home listening, while being perfectly adaptable to club environments. After witnessing his/her short but ultra-effective 2017 live performance in Lärm, we are set for longer DJ set this time. Surely one of the most memorable events of 2020. See you aboard!

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