Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA)

Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA)

Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA)
Sunday 20:00
Concert Hall

Preoccupations (ex-Viet Cong) (CA)

  • Rock

Nostalgia of unknown origin - Preoccupations presents its new album here too!

Preoccupations (formerly Viet-Cong) is one of Canada's most obscure post-punk bands. The band has already visited Budapest several times, and now in September they released Arrangements. they will return with their dystopian album on March 5 in the stomach of A38 Hajó.

The Canadian band Preoccupations returns to the post-punk, post-pandemic world with the album Arrangements. Their fourth studio album saw them return to their rootsy, idiosyncratic, guitar-driven, dissonant, yet anthemic, and complex noise-and-rumble music that brought them international recognition since their basement days. Their songs are for lovers of Bowie, Branca, Spacemen 3 and MBV, progressive punk, jangle rock and mangled goth. In Arrangements, Preoccupations finally move confidently in the dystopia that they have been carefully building with their music since the beginning. In the musical world they have created, they are in a room with the windows taped shut and a tiny pinprick of light filtering in, beaming from the beyond onto the far wall, upside down and dim, yet recognizable enough to fill you with familiar warmth and unknown nostalgia. . This is what Arrangements, released in September, promises, and we can listen to it live on March 5, at A38 Hajón.


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