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Óperentzia // Saja hua album-release

Óperentzia // Saja hua album-release

Óperentzia // Saja hua album-release
Thursday 19:30
Concert Hall

Óperentzia // Saja hua album-release

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">Since its formation in 2005, the Óperentzia band will release its ninth LP in March this year, which is entitled Saja Hua. The public can hear it live for the first time on the A38 ship on March 9.

This record was dreamed up together with two great creators. One of them is the world-famous violinist Zoltán Lantos, and the other is Sára Csobán, already well-known from the previous records, on wind instruments.

The orchestra creates a special atmosphere with its special soundscape, unique musical images, and special contemporary world music style and takes the listener to different regions of his imagination.

Saja Hua means decorated in Hindi. Ornament was invented by man to delight his soul. A utility object, but even a song lives without decoration. But as soon as he realizes what the individual himself has created, which came from the deepest part of his being, a soul moves into him. Decoration is a projection of the human mind inspired by nature. It contains everything that is in its creator at that moment. The decoration tells a story, it has a story.

The soft, light, virtuosic violin playing and the mesmerizing stream of wind instruments blend so beautifully into the fairy tale world of Óperentzia that we dare to say that we can be part of an unparalleled production.




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Since the founding of Opperentzia in 2005, he has released his eighth major album, BIOHACK, at the end of last year.

The two pillars of the band, Gábor Bánházi and Tibor Domokos, invite the audience on a musical journey in which the outside world is silenced, the pulsating bass of the archive folk a trance and dub form a wave, pick it up and take it to the sea, where the horizon is below the sky and calm water.

The Hungarian underground is an unavoidable band of music, they are present at small and big festivals in Hungary and are also regular actors in club life. Today, it is one of the best known psychedelic bands, eager to go back to their roots. They use and understand the power of Hungarian and Balkan folk music, which is mixed in a stylish way with elements of dub, psychill, psytrance, ethno, techno.

They have already worked with more than 50 musicians, just to name a few of them e.g. With Lőric Barabás, Félix Lajkó, the Csángálló band, Aurafood, Natalie Dimanovski or Krisztián Keszei…

They are working with Sára Csobán (Csángálló band) on the birth and staging of their BIOHACK album, who is already well known to their audience, for example on the album Tribalkán.



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