New date: Platon Karataev

New date: Platon Karataev

New date: Platon Karataev
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

New date: Platon Karataev

  • Indie
  • Rock

Great band named after Lev Tolstoy's character will give a huge concert that has been postponed. Besides great hits from their new album titled Atoms they will also play other great songs from earlier times.

Platon Karataev


Plato Karataev will release their second album titled Atoms in April. The new album, though sound-distancing from the tracks on the first album, is built on the same core. The songs are about numbness, hovering and freezing, because in Pilinszky's words, we are all shivering atoms. Platon Karataev's first single, 'Elevator', has also topped the German and English Spotify viral charts in 2017, and their first album titled 'For Her' has been streamed nearly 4 million times on Spotify, mainly from Germany, England and America.




  • Platon Karataev, Hello Hurricane


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