Beatz x Poe’s: Kövi, Napherceg, Gege

Beatz x Poe’s: Kövi, Napherceg, Gege

Beatz x Poe’s: Kövi, Napherceg, Gege
Tuesday 20:00
Exhibition space

Beatz x Poe’s: Kövi, Napherceg, Gege

Word games, intertexts, the vibe of Pécs - our spoken word series with the Petőfi Literary Museum re-emerges with guest speakers Kövi, Napherceg and Gege, whose lyrics will be met by the music of DJ Lee n'gum and the ATMO band.

András Kövér Kövi  is a slammer and a punk rocker. He is the most patriotic musician of Pécs, guitarist for the local slam community and family sustainability, the nephew of poetry and rock & roll, the most straightforward and cheerful giant baby.

Gergely Tengler Napherceg is a slam poet, musician, performer, the leading slammer of Pécs, who you follow blindly and believe everything, even though you don't understand a word. An emblematic member of the Walking Club, he is very socially sensitive.

Gergely Sege Gege is a poet, slammer and rapper. The rhythmic fugitive of the Ki Mit Tube, the trap scene of Zsigmond Móricz, a civilian lover of the rhyme. 

ATMO members:

Péter Usztics - guitar

Gábor Antal - keyboards

Gábor Gyarmati - bass guitar

Ákos Fekecs - drums

Series editors: István Pion, István Csider Zoltán


The venue

Exhibition space
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