Shadow Games: Endre Ady with fever, blood

Shadow Games: Endre Ady with fever, blood

Shadow Games: Endre Ady with fever, blood
Tuesday 20:00
Exhibition space

Shadow Games: Endre Ady with fever, blood

"Oh, I lived really nastily" - says The Last Smile poem by Ady. We pay tribute to the poet who died 100 years ago with poetry, music and visuals.

Endy Ady struggles with the demon of death on his sanatorium bed. The feverish poet's feverish dream revolves around the decisive female characters of his life: his mother, his nurse, his little and big loves. Relatives and co-workers look up and the deepest words sparkle from the depths that go out: "No one sees or sees my bloody head and heart." The awe-inspiring figures highlight the motifs that fundamentally shape Ady's oeuvre, in addition to love, fear, wine, writing, and politics.

Actors Emőke Zsigmond and Máté Novkov perform with eternal favorites: Forgiving, Beautiful Message, Keep Your Eyes, Blood and Gold, and lesser-known poems. The visuals are provided by Gábor Bogdándy and the music is provided by the band ATMO.

ATMO members include:

Péter Usztics - guitar

Gábor Antal - keyboards

Gábor Gyarmati - bass guitar

Ákos Fekecs - drums


The venue

Exhibition space
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