Palya Bea: LéleKzet - album-release, Napfonat, Gerzson János

Palya Bea: LéleKzet - album-release, Napfonat, Gerzson János

Palya Bea: LéleKzet - album-release, Napfonat, Gerzson János
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

Palya Bea: LéleKzet - album-release, Napfonat, Gerzson János

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  • World music, Folk

If you breathe deeply, everything is easier.

Fresh air permeates your body. Your soul too. Just stay in it, stay in rhythm. Not in a flat way, but deeply, recharge yourself, let go of what is good, recharge yourself with what is difficult, let it go.

Breathe in and breathe out, that's how I lived through too many difficulties, and life slowly started to get easier. I let the death smell of Covid pass. This is what the new album was supposed to be about, but the atmosphere in the rehearsal room was different. With the musicians, the trust became much deeper, and the music was much freer. This is a positive, life-affirming company, they love with sounds. I let the new kind of airiness, a barely-familiar - and thus almost unbearable - lightness of life be the basis of the new record.

After the three previous elements (Woman - water, 2014, Continue to grow - earth 2016, I will find home and bring fire - Fire 2018 and 2022) I arrive at the Air element. The yearning for the sky, I could fly away with the wild geese, the familiar avian home appears in the song Wild geese. In A Csillagvágta, I continue to weave volatility: a night game, the alternation of light and darkness becomes a rhythm, a melody, gallop through the night sky until I see the bright tunnel, a new life awaits beyond, a cheerful funeral procession will say goodbye to me, one day, but not yet.

I invited the Napfonat vocal ensemble to the record, I wrote a song for five wonderful young women: Folyton nős. An older and a younger female voice talk about growth and the different stages of being a woman. The young asks, the mature answers - as long as they have answers. At the end of the song, there is a question that worries people today: Can the man come with me/Can we grow together... Only you can know. But one thing is certain: to keep growing, that's what life calls you to do.

János Gerzson is also coming back to play. Along with Csillagvágta, Sírd el aköyed was created with him, this is Hungarian trance music infused with Sufi music, you can cry very well to it, cry a little for no reason, because when the tears come out, the numbness, weakness, bad mood, upset go away our world can be restored, it's time to be reborn.

And there will be a new version of Dudumoro, Kıgyó, Csend händ händ, and there will also be the song Boldogság, because I am now, yes, I am, if we stopped the journey here, I would say that it is good.

My musicians are mythological demigods, the singers of Napfonat also have earthly and heavenly characteristics. Gyurka Nagytenyerű, Jenci, the Cimbalom King, Dongó, the Flute of the Earth and Sky, Tomi, the Shamelessly Groovy, Gerzson, the Seven Plum Tree of Eastern Music... this evening will also be a great story-telling. Not only me, not only us, but you too.

We will go to heaven with you. The elders whisper, I will find my way home, Running, YES, Free.

We breathe, we sing, we love with sounds, we will be present.

From soul to soul.

Charge up, let go.




Palya Bea

Bea Palya is a distinctive figure of the Hungarian world music and songwriter scene. Her early career was influenced by Hungarian folk songs mixed with Bulgarian, Jewish and Gypsy music as a result of her inquiry to learn more about her ethnical roots. Bea takes traditional elements and builds something completely new from them that even hit radio stations like to pick up. The pure honesty of her lyrics inspires you to think, as she taps into social and personal topics of everyday life. Her amazing vocal skills, stage presence and ability to connect with her audience draws you in the very minute she walks into the spotlight. Now that she's back from maternity, Bea is ready to return to the international scene with her always renewing soundscape.




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