National Unity Day: No Sugar (RO), Prove

National Unity Day: No Sugar (RO), Prove

National Unity Day: No Sugar (RO), Prove
Saturday 20:30
Concert Hall

National Unity Day: No Sugar (RO), Prove


The No Sugar band from Gyergyószentmiklós, formed in the middle of the 2000s, has undergone many changes and member changes in recent years. The most significant change of members took place in 2016, when Lívia Portik joined the band, whose energetic tone immediately matched the band's more rocky soundscape. In the same year, they won the competition of the Tamás Cseh Program, thanks to which the recording of their first album, Pillanat, was made in January 2017 and recorded at the SuperSize Recording studio in Törökbálint. In January 2018, they were able to perform as the pre-coach of the Bagossy Brothers Company on the A38 Boat, and later as the pre-band for the spring and fall tour of Kowalsky and Vega.

After the initial bumpy but even more instructive times, they are now cutting into the unshakable sea of the "pop profession" with stable members and a clearer, more determined momentum than ever before. They believe in the power, charm and value of live music.

Band members:

Lívia Portik - singing
Berondzky Botond - guitar, vocals
Zoltán Ferenczi - synthesizer, vocals
László Basilidesz - bass guitar
Boeriu Adrian - dob

The evening will be hosted by Prove from Hungary:


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