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New Level Empire, guest: OliverFromEarth

New Level Empire, guest: OliverFromEarth

New Level Empire, guest: OliverFromEarth
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

New Level Empire, guest: OliverFromEarth

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New Level Empire is celebrating its eighth birthday this year! Since their launch in 2013, 3 major records, 18 clips, 3 festival songs and countless radio hits have been born. The Last One, Son of the Sun, Somewhere, Szerteszét, I would drown, Real, We're done, On the road again… Just a few songs from the band's repertoire. Among other things, they composed songs with Boldi Horváth, Republic, Wolf Kati and Majka.

The five-tooth, based on electronic foundations, celebrates itself and its audience every fall as part of a big birthday concert. On November 19 this year, the A38 will host a special evening featuring their biggest hits, rarely heard compositions, special reworkings, surprising performances and as we have become accustomed to; there will be a couple of surprise guests too!

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New Level Empire

NEW LEVEL EMPIRE (H) is a brand-new electronic live act performance with members: Newl (Nyjt Sndor-drums), Krash (Krajczr Pter-keyboards, programs), Shizuka (Mayer Petra-dj), Zola (Ujvri Zoltn Szilveszter-vocal, guitar).

The idea of NEW LEVEL EMPIRE was born in 2012. The band creators are Newl (classic techno dj) and Crash (Karmatronic).
Their first track called "Heartbreak" debuted in the spring of 2013 with the singer, Szles Iza. Later the vocalist-guitarist-songwriter, Zola joined the band and the 2nd hit "The last one" was born in the ealry autumn of 2013. The track's played by many radio station (Music FM, Petfi, Juventus, Rise, etc). Presently Newl, Crash, Shizuka and Zola play in the band...



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