Folk music, Jimi Hendrix, Béla Bartók and the chaos pad meet on this night! The leading excellent Hungarian to Gipsy world music to rock and beat band is gonna pump this night up with passion.


Napra band broke into the Hungarian music scene in 2007, and right away they were invited to play the greatest festivals, so we can admit, that the year 2007 was the year of Napra. But this year also started in a glorious way for them, since they played the MŰPA with the Barbaro in a sold out concert with a huge success, while it has also been anticipated, that in the cathegory of the Best World Music Band in Hungary they will win the Fonogram-award this year.

Its not impossible to put together the accordion, the drumset, the sound of electric guitars with traditional folk elements like the cimbalom, fiddle and other. If someone really wants to hear something new, and is stunned by virtuoso orchestration, then he can’t miss the Napra, as their lately relesed album titled Jaj, a világ! either.

Members of the band
Krámli Kinga: vocals
Both Miklós: vocals, electric guitars
Balogh Kálmán: cimbalom
Hegedűs Máté: fiddle
Bobár Zoltán „Boby”: accordion
Pfeiler Ferenc: drums
Winter Csaba: bass guitar

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