Adrian Belew Power Trio

A true superstar and rock legend arrives to the A38 Ship: Adrian Belew as partner of Bowie, Zappa, the Talking Heads, King Crimson and many more has become the part of the very best in rock history. On this night he will kick with his great trio! 

Adrian Belew Power trio

Adrian Belew Power Trio is a musical group formed by Adrian Belew (guitar and vocals), drummer Eric Slick and his sister, bassist Julie Slick.

The group's origin lie in Belew's February 2006 guest performance with the Paul Green School of Rock, where the Slick siblings were students. Though Belew was decades older than the Slick siblings, he was very impressed by their musicianship and in May 2006 formed the Adrian Belew Power Trio with the Slicks as his rhythm section. Through the end of 2006 the trio toured throughout the East, South, & Western United States, followed by more touring (nationally and internationally) in 2007 and 2008. Their setlist included new original songs, material from Belew's solo career, and material from Belew's work with King Crimson and Frank Zappa.

After their fall 2008 tour of Europe and Australia, the group recorded a new studio album with the working title e in February 2009. Adrian had said that this new work would be an extended suite in five distinct but interrelated sections,[1] parts of which were debuted by the trio during 2008's live shows under titles such as "planet e" and "e."

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