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Movits! (SE)

Movits! (SE)

Movits! (SE)
Sunday 20:00
Concert Hall

Movits! (SE)

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Pop

The dizzying Swedish hip-hop-jazz-pop band, which has become one of the country’s hottest exports in a short time, is holding a Thanksgiving frenzy on its fourth performance on the ship titled "Hallelujah"!

Movits! (SE)

Movits! has long been recognized for their cross-over music and for the social commentaries in their lyrivcs, which always feels relevant and carefully balanced. Now they are back with modern touch but with the same significant sound and as always with a danceable mix of horns and heavy beats.

Ten years after the debut with "ppelknyckarjazz", the band is releasing their fifth album, the double album "V", where the first album consisting of seven tracks and will be released on November 1st 2018. The second album will be released in the spring of 2019.

Doing double albums is the most modern thing you can do in today's EP society. We found ourselves in a creative flow that we couldn't put a lid on. "V" is a maximalist homerun with a classic Movits! sound, but in a new suit - its like a horde of elephants at the carnival in Mississippi!




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  • Movits (SE)

  • Movits (SE)

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