BUSH Festival Opening: Trillion (HU), Mother's Cake (AT)

BUSH Festival Opening: Trillion (HU), Mother's Cake (AT)

BUSH Festival Opening: Trillion (HU), Mother's Cake (AT)
Wednesday 20:45
Concert Hall

BUSH Festival Opening: Trillion (HU), Mother's Cake (AT)

  • Metal
  • Rock

BUSH - Budapest Showcase Hub - the hottest club festival in winter opens this year with the powerful gig of Mother's Cake from Austria and Trillion from Hungary!

The coolest acts of the future will perform at your favorite clubs in Budapest!

Budapest Showcase Hub a.k.a BuSH, the hottest club festival in the Winter, will be back from November 13th to 15th, with the trendiest acts of the Eastern European region performing in Budapest's most popular nightclubs & venues. The three-day ‘musical mind-bending’ showcase will feature 35 performers from the Eastern Bloc and (this year's guest country) Austria. Most of them play in front of hundreds or even thousands in their home countries and are already well-known by famous international music pros, so you can watch emerging acts who will soon be performing at major international festivals.

BUSH is started up by Mother’s Cake (AT) and Trillion (HU) this year, see you at the ship!

The gig can only be visited with tickets purchased at the website of A38 or with a BUSH PRO Pass if you visit budapestshowcasehub.com. You can also purchase a combined 3-Day BUSH ticket at the A38 site if you’d like to check out the coolest acts of the Eastern Block between the 13rd and the 15th of November.



  • Trillion
  • Mother's Cake
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