Moonspell (PT), Rotting Christ (GR)

Moonspell (PT), Rotting Christ (GR)

Moonspell (PT), Rotting Christ (GR)
Friday 19:00
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Moonspell (PT), Rotting Christ (GR)

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Dark / gothic metal legend Portuguese MOONSPELL and black/dark metal Greek ROTTING CHRIST will start with a 50-station giga tour playing in 25 countries. The roundabout will also have its Budapest station on November 22 on the A38.

The MOONSPELL band is working on recording new material, so they say it will be good to "get rid of" the fans again. In addition, for the first time on the tour, the 1755 album is presented in its entirety, with all its theatrical elements.

The conceptual material in Portuguese is about the 1755 Lisbon earthquakes, which, together with the tsunami that emerged, destroyed most of the city.

Meanwhile, 'The Heretics' has just released the new studio album of the ultra-metallic Greek ROTTING CHRIST, which will be shown on the longest tour of the band.

Moonspell (PT)

Hailing from the nation of Portugal, the doomy goth metal quintet Moonspell consists of vocalist Fernando Ribeiro, guitarist Ricardo Amorim, keyboardist/programmer Pedro Paixão, bassist Sérgio Crestana, and drummer Mike Gaspar. After a poorly distributed 1994 album for the French Adipocere label, Moonspell debuted on Century Media in 1995 with Wolfheart; it was followed in 1996 by Irreligious and in 1998 by Sin/Pecado. Moonspell returned in 1999 with Butterfly Effect. Two years later, the group released Darkness and Hope, produced by Hiili Hiilesman. In 2003, Moonspell collaborated with author José Luís Peixoto to release The Antidote, an album and book of the same name that told a complete narrative. Three years later, the group returned with Memorial, which was produced by Waldemar Sorychta and was the first to be released on the SPV Steamhammer label. In 2008, the group released their ninth album, Night Eternal.



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